Thursday, February 16, 2006

Desecration of the Name of God

In Judaism we have a concept called "chillul Hashem" which is loosely translated as "desecration of the name of G-d". In practical terms this means that if a Jew does something wrong in the public arena he has caused the Jewish people, the Jewish religion , and ultimately G-d, to be viewed in a negative light. Since the Jews are supposed to be a "light unto the nations" this is obviously a very serious infraction.
It occurs to me that this concept is entirely absent in the muslim world. They act like uncivilized barbarians worldwide as a result of some cartoons, with absolutely no sense of shame. Who could possibly be attracted to Islam after witnessing this shameful display?


Stevin said...

Well said!
Their uncivilized acts and destructiveness are seen as acts of adoration and worship for their god. What a strange thing, a god who commands murder and hatred. Satan?

JDHURF said...

What I find particularly ironic is that the cartoons made the statement that Islam denies women’s rights and that men rule the religion with violence and force, how did they react? With violence and force, they provided more support for the cartoons than was necessary.
Rather than object to the inaccuracy of the cartoons they did exactly what the cartoons claimed they do.

Stacey said...

And such a double standard. They can dish it out (and far worse cartoons), yet flip out when it's done to them. They are pathetic.

The Jewish Freak said...

Stevin: Thanks. Strange when such evil is seen as holy. Good point.

JD: Are there so few people who don't see this the way you described? It seems that most everyone are tripping over themselves to appease or to apologize. Just once, I would like to hear a Muslim apology.

The Jewish Freak said...

Stacey: Absolutely pathetic. A very, very sick culture.

3pillars said...

There are other difernces between Judaism and Islam. Such as, "You shall not kill; you shall not commit adultery; you shall not steal"

Conan said...

Pa-thetic! I gag when some one now dares call that disgusting death cult "The Religion of Peace".

The Jewish Freak said...

3pillars: Difference can be simply stated as Judaism has a sense of collective shame, while Islam does not. Thanks for stopping by!

Conan: Right on target as always.

Minor Fast Days said...

I was just thinking this the other day. Great point!

The Jewish Freak said...

Sushi: Great minds think alike.

Still Wonderin' said...

"Who could possibly be attracted to Islam after witnessing this shameful display?"

Why, barbarians. of course.

The Jewish Freak said...

SW: Evil people are attracted to evil ideology.

Anonymous said...

bravo with your argument... bravo

the truth comes out.
plant the seed and reap the fruit.

you are a racist, and the world will one day know about the scam which you call Israel.

Anonymous said...

Your job as a future mother is to learn the god's ways and to help your child understand despite the negative reinforcement and conditioning of today's society. Without consciousous parents the child will have no hope, and may even exaserbate their disfavor by becoming corrupted in today's environment.
Your ultimate goal is to fix your relationship wiith the gods and move on. You don't want to be comfortable here, and the changes in Western society in the last 100 years has achieved just that.
1000 years with Jesus is the consolation prize. Don't be deceived into thinking that is the goal.

The gods tempt people for which they are most weak. Artificial Intelligence will create desire in people's minds for the following sins:::
1. Alcohol
2. Drugs
3. Preditory "earning"
4. Homosexuality
5. Gambling
6. Something for nothing/irresponsibility (xtianity)
7. Polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny (Islam)
Much like the other prophets Mohhamed (polygamy/superiority over women/misogyny) and Jesus (forgiveness/savior), the gods use me for temptation as well. In today's modern society they feel people are most weak for popular culture/sensationalism, and the clues date back to WorldWarII and Unit731:TSUSHOGO, the Chinese Holocaust.
It has been discussed that, similar to the Matrix concept, the gods will offer a REAL "Second Coming of Christ", while the "fake" Second Coming will come at the end and follow New Testiment scripture and their xtian positioning. I may be that real Second Coming.
What I teach is the god's true way. It is what is expected of people, and only those who follow this truth will be eligible to ascend into heaven as children in a future life. They offered this event because the masses have just enough time to work on and fix their relationship with the gods and ascend, to move and grow past Planet Earth, before the obligatory xtian "consolation prize" of "1000 years with Jesus on Earth" begins.

The Prince of Darkness, battling the gods over the souls of the Damned.
It is the gods who have created this environment and led people into Damnation with temptation. The god's positioning proves they work to prevent people's understanding.
How often is xtian dogma wrong? Expect it is about the Lucifer issue as well.
The fallen god, fighting for justice for the disfavored, banished to Earth as the fallen angel?
I believe much as the Noah's Flood event, the end of the world will be initiated by revelry among the people. Revelry will be positioned to be sanctioned by the gods and led for "1000 years with Jesus on Earth".
In light of modern developments this can entail many pleasures:::Medicine "cures" aging, the "manufacture" of incredible beauty via cloning as sex slaves, free (synthetic) cocaine, etc.
Somewhere during the 1000 years the party will start to "die off", literally. Only those who maintain chaste, pure lifestyles will survive the 1000 years. They will be the candidates used to (re)colonize (the next) Planet Earth, condemned to relive the misery experienced by the peasantry during Planet Earth's history.
If this concept of Lucifer is true another role of this individual may be to initiate disfavor and temptation among this new population, the proverbial "apple" of this Garden of Eden. A crucial element in the history of any planet, he begins the process of deterioration and decay that leads civilizations to where Planet Earth remains today.

Only children go to heaven. By the time you hit puberty it is too late. This is charecteristic of the gods:::Once you realize what you have lost it is too late.
Now you are faced with a lifetime to work to prepare for your next chance. Too many will waste this time, getting stoned, "Hiking!", working, etc.

Desecrate the gods.