Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Folly Of Political Dogma

Inspired by the good folks at Just Another Jewish Conspiracy, and the always entertaining DovBear, I have decided to share with you this amazing story:

According to very reliable sources, Al Gore has discovered the sinister Bush racist weather machine in the basement of the White House. Built by evil Zionist scientists and financed by evil corporate greed (as a result of tax cuts to only the richest Americans, and Bush-sponsored price gouging by the oil industry), this is a truly remarkable piece of equipment. Tested first on New Orleans last year, causing only minorities to get wet, the purpose of this machine is to hasten the coming of the rapure to White America by eliminating minority needs, so all funding can go directly to the evil imperialist Zionist regime who will rebuild the Temple and bring about the end of days. Also, since we know that wet minorities are not allowed to vote in America's heartland, we can expect yet another stolen election in 2008.
As a part of the world zionist conspiracy, I am privy to the details of this amazing technology. I know that I risk my life by sharing this information, but my journalistic creed impells me to report this to the world:
Somehow, the hot air generated by Noam Chomsky, the shrill frequencies of Hillary's voice, and the toxic alcohol-induced fumes emitted from the various orifices of Ted Kennedy are combined in a secret process and released into the atmosphere to cause global warming. Then, in a process that only Al Gore and all of the world's scientists understand, hurricanes of unusual intensity are released upon the minority populations of the United States. This machine has also been suspected as the cause of the recent Tsunami disaster, but that is only speculation. It is not currently known how a weather machine could cause an earthquake-related Tsunami, but with Zionists and corporations behind it, anything is possible. In fact, a prominent member of the Bush administration was overheard by Michael Moore saying " Who cares about Tsunami victims? there are no rich christian white men living in that part of the world".

The good news is that we don't have to take it! This administration has been a part of one conspiracy after another. From the shooting of JFK, to the 9-11 conspiracy, we say enough is enough! Let's impeach this president and put in the real winner of the 2004 elections, a man of real integrity, and a man who will promise to dismantle the Bush racist weather machine - Ralph Nader.

Up next: How Bush's drilling in ANWR will endanger the Moonbat.


Stacey said...

This was HILARIOUS!!

The Jewish Freak said...

Thanks Stacey, I was just poking fun at some things that I have read recently.

jazzycat said...

That was really funny. You obviously have a knack for satire.


The Jewish Freak said...

Thanks Jazzy, just having some fun!

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